Access the critical apps and workflows you use to accomplish deep work without distraction
Give your teams one place to find the critical apps and workflows they use to accomplish deep work without distraction

What it is

The XRay Workflow app is the toolbelt for your critical tools and information to accomplish deep work. Add text, links, and webpages that matter to you and your teams, and give everyone clarity and access to the resources they need to get things done.
Manage complex projects and workflows that span platforms all in one interface, allowing you to dip in to and out of web tools without getting distracted by other tabs in a browser.

Key Features

Manage everything in one workspace

Pin your team's files, videos, apps, and other resources from anywhere on the web to a unified, easily accessible dashboard.

Use Public Boards to publish content

Share resources with clients or partners with public boards. Just copy and paste the shareable link to give them access.

Organize information with your team

Create multiple workspaces to curate boards for internal teams, clients, partners, and more. Unique permissions can be set for each board.

Send Webhooks to trigger automations and workflows

Use Webhook pins to trigger automations with the click of a button. Orchestrate complex automated workflows without even leaving the dash.


"I used the workflow dash to organize information used for grading university/college papers and written assignments. I also set it up to categorize announcements and resources. Consolidating the information, categorizing, keywording, and colour-coding saves me a huge amount of time while grading. Having single-click access to the saved resources in the dash and being able to easily update them streamlines the grading process. This system has significantly reduced my grading time while still allowing me to give accurate, personalized, and thoughtful feedback to all my students."
-Flora Gordon, Certified Graphic Designer, Course Author + Facilitator, Simon Fraser University

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